Q 1. A. Such inter-operability of a software service or product appears to be only one aspect, and the

interoperable system is itself evolving.

B. Each software product introduces a variation and consequently a change in the system.

C. An operating system must work with applications and other elements in a hardware platform.

D. A software firm while introducing its product or service, therefore, does not strive for mute complementarities alone but tries to bring about a change in the existing structure.

E. In other words the components must be designed to be inter-operable.



Q 2. A. Moreover, as argued above, knowledge is entailed not by way of justification as such, but by the

realization of good or fruit-ladenness of meaning and actions or iterated actions.

B. Knowledge is required in order to resolve doubts and thus in order to act meaningfully.

C. Therefore the actions in a commonly led daily life are both meaningful and knowledge-driven.

D. Indian theorists argue for a common knowledge, which is obtained through iterated fruitful actions, through the authority of sentences (on words).

E. We argue for four sources of validation of knowledge, viz., sentence, inference, direct perception and analogy.



Q 3. A. But PST has also used satellite pictures to suggest that an ancient fortified town had existed 30 km

from Junagadh.

B. Soil and vegetation patterns were used in the search.

C. The site matches the description of Krishna’s town in an ancient scripture.

D. PST’s primary job at Space Applications Centre has been tracking land use and forest cover with

satellite images.

E. An archaeologist however cautioned that remote sensing and scriptures by themselves would not be enough to identify a town ship.

F. It was claimed that soil and vegetation patterns an ancient abandoned site reveal specific patterns that can be picked by satellite images.



Q 4. A. But if, having done so, you did not spare constructive thought as to why your neighbourhood was becoming crime-prone, you would be leaving yourself vulnerable to similar future intrusions.

B. While the international community can only hope that Moscow’s hostage drama is resolved without further loss of innocent lives, it would not be inappropriate once again to attempt to understand the nature and motivation of the archetypal terrorist who seeks martyrdom.

C. Today, in an era of globalisation, when the world is increasingly becoming an interpenetrative community, we need to ask whether misconceived state policies do not aid and abet terrorists in the

guise of martyrs.

D. If you were to apprehend an armed nocturnal intruder in your house, your first—and correct—

reaction would be to somehow render the criminal powerless.

E. Ill-regulated communities breed crime.



Q 5. A. Products of mutual funds and insurance companies all aimed specifically at women are an example of this fact.

B. For this purpose, we looked at the district wise figures for working women.

C. They influence a lot of consumption decisions and hence, there is a distinctive attempt to target them.

D. The census provides interesting data on the presence of women in different areas in the country, but what is more important is the extent of employment.

E. Women are a very important target group for a whole host of corporates.