Q 1.  S1. There was a time Egypt faced economic crisis. 

P. Cotton is the chief export commodity of Egypt. 

Q. Foreign trade depends on cultivation of cotton on large scale. 

R. It became necessary for Egypt to boost cotton crops. 

S. Only by means of increasing foreign trade Egypt could survive. 

(a) PQRS (b) QRPS (c) RPSQ (d) SRQP 


Q 2. S1. Exercising daily is a must for good health. 

P. Luckily, there is no link between the amount of money spent and beneficent exercise, else the poor would have creaking bodies. 

Q. While some cost you nothing, others may require the investment of some amount of money. 

R. However, it is important to remember that exercises should not be overdone. 

S. It can take any form from sedentary ones like walking to vigorous work-outs like a game of squash.

 (a) PQSR (b) QPRS (c) RSQP (d) SQPR 


Q 3. S1. Urban problems differ from state to state and city to city. 

P. Most of the cities have neither water nor the required pipelines. 

Q. The population in these cities has grown beyond the planners’ imagination. 

R. However, certain basic problems are common to all cities. 

S. Only broad macro-planning was done for such cities, without envisaging the future growth, and this has failed to meet the requirements.

(a) PQSR (b) QPSR (c) RQSP (d) RQPS 


Q 4. S1. Satyajit Ray made several films for children. 

P. Later film-makers have followed his lead. 

Q. Today other nations are making children’s films in a big way. 

R. This was at a time when no director considered children as potential audience. 

S. Ray was, thus, a pioneer in the field. 

(a) SQRP (b) RSQP (c) PSQR (d) RSPQ