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Practice Questions
Practice Questions
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Verbal Ability Set 7 08102020

Q 1. A. So Iraq and Afghanistan are now sun-drenched lands enjoying liberty and freedom, overflowing with joy and prosperity?

B. Yet in a new campaign ad, Republican Party strategists shamelessly take credit for “two more free nations” and “two... (More)

Verbal Ability Set 8 08102020

Q 1. S1. There was a time Egypt faced economic crisis.

P. Cotton is the chief export commodity of Egypt.

Q. Foreign trade depends on cultivation of cotton on large scale.

R. It became necessary for Egypt to boost cotton... (More)

Verbal Ability Set 9 08102020

Q 1. 1. Ever since Pakistan signed on as an ally in the war on terror, human rights advocates have voiced concerns that innocent people would be caught up in the net.

A. Roughly half of the youths held are... (More)

Verbal Ability Set 6 08102020

Q 1. A. Such inter-operability of a software service or product appears to be only one aspect, and the

interoperable system is itself evolving.

B. Each software product introduces a variation and consequently a change in the system.

C. An... (More)